The Manhattan Project: Nuclear Research

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According to Bowles and Kaplan, “the Manhattan Project began with scientific research at the University of Chicago in a place called the metallurgical Laboratory, which was a code name to disguise its use for nuclear research” (Bowles and Kaplan, 2012, paragraph 2). There are many different languages that are spoken in the United States. Mexicans may have a different way of living compared to other racial groups. Puerto Ricans are known for establishing the drink the Pina Colada. According to Bowles and Kaplan, “World War II was scientifically defined by the physicists who developed the atomic bomb during the Manhattan Project” (Bowles and Kaplan, 2012, paragraph 2). Dubai is known for having tall buildings. French people may be known for living a long life in their country. In Africa, not all children survive past five years old. According to Bowles and Kaplan, “however, even though the Manhattan Project is known to us, because of its dramatic results, we can find evidence of Big Science earlier in the 20th century” (Bowles and Kaplan, 2012, paragraph 1). Africa is known for having many world languages. Spain is known for having a low population density. Spain is also known for having a Civil War that killed many people.…show more content…
The United States spends a lot of money towards their military. The Manhattan Project was successful when it came to nuclear science. Albert Einstein mailed letters to President Roosevelt. Einstein did not get rewarded for his involvement; so he was not part of the Manhattan
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