Why Is The Manhattan Project Important

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It’s no surprise that the government keeps secrets away from the American people, right? What if I told you that one of those secrets led up to over 190,000 deaths of fairly if not completely innocent people? Because that is exactly what happened as a result of the Manhattan Project. The Manhattan project was a huge research conducted by scientists and physicists alike to create what would soon be the world’s first atomic bomb. Not only one of the world’s first atomic bombs, but definitely a huge turning point in history, causing bucketloads of death and destruction. It all started in 1939, but only fully began their research on approximately September 23, 1941. President Franklin D. Roosevelt was frequently getting letters from supposed German scientists…show more content…
They hired over 130,000 people in total to begin their ultimate plan, which of course was to create the world’s first atomic bomb. Wonderful scientists came from all over the globe, including a the famous physicist known as James Chadwick of the United Kingdom, who was known for winning the Nobel prize in 1932 for discovering the neutron. To the workers on the project, it was less of their own research for the USA’s better knowledge, but more of research and experiments being conducted as to race against Germany. And in all fairness, that is exactly what it was. The fight for the bomb, you could say. However, tensions in between the two didn’t last for long. In mid-research and experimentation of the Manhattan Project, the US soon found out that Germany had completely failed in their attempts. This caused lots of confusion for a rather short amount of time, but after thinking it through, the US decided once and for all that they would continue the research despite no longer having any competition or reason to continue. Little did they know that their project would soon have a new
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