The Manifesto Club Analysis

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Background The author, Josie Appleton a director and spokesperson for Manifesto Club in London. In the Manifesto Club they discuss different types of civil acts that speak out against the government. She is also a journalist and has wrote for Spiked. Spiked is popular magazine website in London. I would like to find out why Appleton wrote this article? Is it because Appleton believes in free expression and therefore wanted to write about something that made people able to express themselves freely? Summary “Body modification encourages a turn away from trying to build personal identity through relationships with others, and instead tries to resolve problems in relation to one’s own body” (27). Throughout the article it talked about people transforming their bodies to better express themselves. Therefore this thesis implies that people who turn away from social situations try to express their problems through their body.…show more content…
Over the past decade more and more people have been getting body art. Some see tattoos and piercings as a way of fashion, but others see it as a way of expression. Many people feel as though their tattoos show a story and therefore will always have them. The author goes on to explain the contrast between people who get tattoos to express themselves and people who get tattoos just because they can. The people who get tattoos just because they can are the people who like to experience the pain. Pain is a very memorable moment when getting body piercings the author explains. People who get tattoos to express themselves are sometimes the people who are trying to find out who they really are. To conclude the author talked about how after getting one piercing or tattoo that the person will go back and get
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