The Marble Chop By Gary Soto Summary

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This story is about a girl who wants to be good at sports. It is important to be a leader anywhere you go. In the story “The Marble Champ” by Gary Soto, Lupe, the main character, is a good leader. She is a good leader because, she is smart, determined, and a good sport. For one, Lupe is a good leader is because she is smart. For example, she won the blue science. Also, she is the winner of the reading contest three summers in a row. In addition, she was the top student at her piano recital. Then, she was spelling bee champion in the school’s spelling bee. Furthermore, she is the playground grand champion in chess. Another example, she is a straight A student. What’s more, she never missed a day of school except when she was stung by a wasp. Last but not least, her dad rigged lights in the backyard so she could practice at night. That shows me that Lupe is a good leader. Secondly, Lupe is a good leader because she is determined. In preparation for a marble championship, she did push ups on her fingertips to strengthen her wrists. Doing this shows me that she is determined because she has to be really determined because the story states that she is nonathletic. She also, squeezed a rubber eraser one hundred times. Squeezing a rubber eraser one hundred times takes…show more content…
She is a good sport because, the first girl she went against and beat had no one to cheer for her so Lupe invited her to go along with her. Secondly, everyone she went against and beat she invited to go along with her so she had a bunch of people with her. Inviting people to go with you is a good sport because,it is kindof hard to invite someone you don’t know to come with you. In addition Lupe told the girl in the baseball cap she was a great player. Last but certainly not least, at the end of the day Lupe thanked her thumb and dipped her thumb in a sink full of water. Being a good sport shows me that she is a good
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