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Everyone wants to be a leader in something, weather it’s in sports or even group projects, but being a leader can be very difficult and it takes a lot of skill. In the story “The Marble Champ” by Gary Soto is about a girl named Lupe who wants to win a marble championship at her school even though she is more smart than athletic. Lupe is a leader because she is very smart, a hard worker, and determined.

One reason that Lupe is a leader is because she is very smart. It states in the story Lupe, “never missed one day of elementary school. She had received a small trophy for this honor and had been congratulated by the mayor.” This shows me that school is very important for Lupe because she is smart, good at it, and she is dedicated. In addition Lupe got straight A’s and she said she had a razor sharp mind. Straight A’s are hard to get and this proves that she is smart. Another example is that Lupe wins lots of contests. She won school spelling bee’s, reading contest at the public library, won blue ribbons at the science fair. Not to mention the fact that she was the top student at her piano recital, she
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As proof she practiced against her brother who also won the marble competition and her neighbor. In the story her neighbor Alfonso said “Man, she’s bad! She can beat the other girls for sure. I think.” When Alfonso said that to Lupe it shows that she has been practicing because in the beginning of the story Lupe said she would never be good at and sports which means she has been very working hard. What’s more Lupe did 20 push-ups on her fingertips. Therefore she is trying hard and she has lots of patience. Another example that she squeezed a rubber eraser for an hour then 100 times. This reflects that Lupe really cares about this because she is practicing and giving her all and I like that about her. Lupe is leader because she cares about the competition because she is working hard and practicing a

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