Social Dimensions Of Marginalization

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Being a member of the inner realm of society comes with great advantages such as having the access to education, housing, opportunities, and resources. But for some individuals or groups, they find themselves on the outer realm of society due to not conforming to society’s standards, as a result, society marginalizes them.
Marginalization is primarily caused by several social, political and economic dimensions. It is heavily influenced by society, which has the power to depict what is right or wrong. It is the process of alienating individuals or groups who do not fit within society standards; and those are often marginalized based on the aspects of their personal and social identity such as gender, race, sexual orientation or socioeconomic
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According to the reading “Decolonizing the Mind,” the author Ngugi Wa Thiong’o illustrates how the power of the British colonization caused some of his tribe members to transfer from being accepted by society to being an inferior of society. Even as of now people still feel marginalized, for instance in the readings, “We’re All Someone’s Freak” and “Why Women Smile,” the authors Gwendolyn Ann Smith and Amy Cunningham focuses on today’s social issues. For instance, how people are marginalized based on their sexual orientation and gender.
The major factor of people being marginalized is due to their lack of power, and the aspects of their identity. Even though it is unfair to exclude people and prevent them from being a part of society, it is something that can hardly be changed or
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Society has the power of shaping people’s identity and defining who they are or how they should behave. If people choose to not fulfill society’s expectations or wants, they will have no choice but to be alienated. As a result, they feel unwanted. For instance, in the reading “Why Women Smile,” Amy Cunningham shows how women are marginalized and discriminated against based on gender roles and behavior. She talks about her working experience of how she was forced to smile in order to be accepted by her colleagues, but when she starts smiling less her colleagues became more denial. As a result, her colleagues marginalized her and made her feel like an
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