The Marino Mission Summary

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Have you ever tried to do something sneaky but it didn’t play out like you thought?In the novel The Marino Mission we meet Alexa who is shy and wants to stay in Ithaca, yet has no choice to work on a secret military base in Nicaragua.Alexa’s mission is to find Pecas baby with Jose. Alexa doesn’t want to leave Ithaca for the summer, although she’s 16, she still has no choice. She wants to stay in Ithaca with Laurie. Alexa tells her dad she wants to stay with all her friends. Working on a lab seems boring to Alexa. She even says, “ I don 't think that spending a whole summer locked up in a lab sounds interesting”. “ I want to stay here in Ithaca!” Whether she wants to or not, Alexa’s going to Nicaragua. In Marino Mission, it takes place…show more content…
Alexa leaves the lab soon meeting Jose. Very friendly he when they discover freckles. Alexa later finds out the dolphins name is Pecas, which is freckles in spanish. Alexa was informed by Jose that Pecas recently had a baby that had gone missing. Will Alexa and Jose find Pecas baby? One could argue that Alexa’s mission is not clandestine because Alexa’s dad knows about Puerto Marino. However Alexa’s dad lives all the way in Ithaca, nowhere near Nicaragua, all the way in a whole another country. But one could also say that Puerto Marino is clandestine because Alexa’s dad is all the way in Ithaca, therefore, that information spreading and others finding out would be hard because they are so far away from Nicaragua. Some of them probably never even heard of Nicaragua. I know I haven 't. In my opinion after hearing from that point of view is that Puerto Marino is still clandestine because in Nicaragua no one knows about the military base but those who work there. And Alexa’s dad knows but he 's all the way in Ithaca, knowing that it 's top secret, he wouldn 't tell anyone anyway. He doesn 't need to tell anybody that Alexa’s going to Ithaca but her friend Laurie maybe. Nicaragua and Ithaca are very far away, they are in two different countries, it would be hard to transfer information back in forth from such a long distance. That 's just my opinion what do
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