The Marino Vision Character Analysis

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Have you ever wondered if someone would find out what you’re doing secretly? In the novel The Marino Mission, we meet a shy outsider named Alexa who goes to Nicaragua and then goes on a mission that is secretive. Alexa’s mission exudes secrecy because, Alexa takes part in a dangerous mission on a top secret military base, fights to help a dolphin while her mom unknowing. To begin, Alexa meets Jose at the military base. When Alexa first arrives to Puerto Marino, she doesn’t want to be there. However her mind changes once she becomes interested in the dolphins. Alexa quickly realizes that something weird is up with the dolphins and she wants to figure out what is going on. ‘’She seriously thought about what Puerto Marino was doing the dolphins…show more content…
They strive to do everything possible to help..”Jose continued to talk to Pecas in Spanish a she held the outstretched hand.Alexa wondered what he was saying his eyes off of Pecas or relenting in his hypnotic Spanish rhapsody he mention with his free hand for the DNA swab.As Pecas approached to take the second fish he quickly swabbed the inside of her cheek with the swab in then deftly gave her the fish with the other hand.I think we’ve got it!”(Chapman pg .77) ‘’Is Pecas Coco’s mother?Jose asked urgently.He asked was beside himself with excitement and pressed Alexa for the answer with his rapid fire questions.”(Chapman pg.51) ‘’I extracted DNA from Coco.Alexa relied enthusiastically.”(Chapman pg.51) Alexa and Jose goes from taking Cocos and Pecas DNA to finding out more and more information on what could possibly happen to the both of the dolphins and what situation could it lead them…show more content…
124)Alexa realizes that there are certain things she can’t do because she can cause her mom to lose her job and the simple fact that the mission is a secret and could become more dangerous than she ever thought it could

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