The Marion Forks Killer: A Short Story

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The coldness woke me up. My toes felt numb from the frigid December air and my body ached. I was in my studies, passed out after working on a few homicide cases that ultimately linked back to one guy. I sat up right, yawned, and stretched my arms out as wide as I could, knocking a few of my Archie’s Comics off the shelf and to the wooden floor. I’ll pick that up later. I looked at the antique grandfather clock hanging above the wooden door frame—one of the many things Ella left after the divorce. 4:35 AM. Shivery as I got up to find the source of the cold air, I began walking toward my living room. The smell of leftover Thai takeout from yesterday’s dinner lingered throughout the cabin. I tripped over an empty Smirnoff bottle laying across oriental rug along with ten other bottles, landing in front of an…show more content…
Carter Mendez. HIs parents reported him missing about two weeks ago.” “Any news on the Lee autopsy?” I adjusted my glasses. “It’s the same the rest. Nothing. Are you seriously not catching the pattern? The Marion Forks Killer is a pro —stop wasting your time and disappointing yourself from your stupidly high expectations! Just file them as unsolved murders, Elio. Marion Forks has its very own Zodiac Killer.” He raise an eyebrow. Oliver didn’t take this job seriously. An obvious former narcissistic high school jock with too much time on his plate— a look anyone within a five mile radius can see. He’d come to work with a hangover, but the chief would fire him because he was formally working for the Los Angeles Police Department. Some may see Marion Forks as a downgrade, but this town had its charms. Oliver didn’t see it. “Okay.” I muttered, turning my chair back to face my computer screen. “And by good luck, I mean Ben was also assigned to the case, too.” Oliver stood by my desk waiting to see a reaction. “Okay.” I said again, showing no form of emotion. Oliver shrugged his shoulders and

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