The Mark Of Athena Summary

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100 Pages Summary In The Mark of Athena, the author; Rick Riordan portrays a modern world in which ancient Greek/Roman mythology has a huge impact. In Riordan’s (technically) eighth book, our heroes must prevent a war between Roman and Greek demigods. To do this, the main characters Leo Valdez, Jason Grace, Piper McLean, Hazel Levesque, Frank Zhang, Annabeth Chase Perseus ( Percy ) Jackson, and Coach Gleeson Hedge must embark on the Argo II (a magical flying warship) where they travel from California to Rome in hope of finding answers. As Gaea wakes from a long slumber, her unconscious self works tirelessly to assemble an army that she will later use to overthrow the Olympians. In order to fight back, the Olympians (mainly Hera/Juno) decide
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