The Market Revolution

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Major changes have begun to take started occurring during Civil War period, making the United States the leading and most successful industrial power in the world. Although that does not suggest that the United States as a whole cooperated with one another as a nation at peace. The North and the South’s way of life differ significantly from each other. While the North continued to grow industrially, economically, and in population, the South resisted to follow the same path as the North. Slavery survived the years during the Revolution, but major changes in the economy made any chance of unity between the slave-free North and the slave-driving South nearly impossible. The South’s slave-based economy had limited their chances of becoming as economically successful as the North. Innovations in transportation and communication such as the steamboat, canal, railroad, and telegraph sparked the beginning of the market revolution. These new innovations made it possible for people to easily sell their products.1The market revolution promoted freedom, and gave people the opportunity to improve economically. They were provided with new ways of making money, such as creating their own businesses and giving them the privilege of liberty to live as…show more content…
“If there were no consumers of slave-produce there would be no slaves” was an insight that gave free produce advocates an understanding of the role of consumers in economic activity.5The increase in the North’s population affected the demand for resources such as clothes. Despite the North’s disapproval of the “Peculiar Institution” or the slave system, the increase in demand of products left the North no choice but to rely on the production of cotton from the South, which was crucial to the textile industry. The North’s reliance on the South’s plantations did little to help abolish slavery but instead fueled it. White
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