Mac Donald's Vs Burger King

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Executive summary: o In my research task about fast food franchise I have chosen to do my task on two of the top world leaders in the fast food industry business – Mac Donald’s and Burger king. I am going to discuss and analysis the marketing function by giving theoretical view points on the 7 P’s but going to compare and discuss in full detail the main 4 P’s ( product , place , price and promotion ) between the two franchises I have chosen o Through market research and primary research ( question air on the two franchises and then monitor the responses to make a conclusion) we can see that Mac Donald’s in the world leading fast food franchise across the world and then burger falling under Mac Donald’s as a dangerous competitor. Providing…show more content…
o The very first Mac Donald’s was opened in Des Plaines Illinois in 1955 ( indicated in picture ) o As the franchise started to expand in the local market, in 1967 the Mac Donald’s franchise went international and Japan being their first stop. o In today’s world there is over 32.000 thousands global restaurants available in so many different countries o Vision of Mac Donald’s – ‘’Our overall vision is for McDonald’s to become a modern, progressive burger company delivering a contemporary customer experience’’ and achieving this through providing high quality of food and service and a world class experience to make the customers feel welcomed o Mission of Mac Donald’s –‘’ to become the customers favourite place to come and eat ‘’ o The main objectives of Mac Donald’s is to provide their customers with high quality of food ,quick service and value of money in order to make the customers feel at home o The goal for Mac Donald’s is to get the message out to the public about them implementing healthy food into their menu in order to accommodate certain individuals that prefer that…show more content…
1- Product:

o The product should fit the task that the customers want it for and should operate to make customers to feel content with the purchase. Businesses need to do market research in order to find what product is in demand and take advantage. o A product is an item that is built or produced to satisfy the needs of a certain group of people. The product can be intangible or tangible as it can be in the form of services or goods. o Business need to improve their products on a constant basis in order to stay in line with competitors and make sure sales don’t decline and if they do they need to reinvent in order to gain control again o The product has a certain life cycle with the growth phase , maturity phase and sales decline phase in which the business need to take in account when introducing a product and to know which product is in demand

2- Place:
 Businesses need to make sure that their product is available close to target market to make it easy accessible to gain customer loyalty.
 They need to position themselves in the correct location in order to maintain sales as customers don’t want to travel far in order to buy the

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