The Marketing Strategy Of Red Bull Energy Drink

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1. Introduction:

In the current business market, companies tend to bombard various customers with promotional content in different forms. Purchasers are exposed to these messages via radio, television, newspaper, at work or even while strolling around a downtown area. Successful promotion depends on the message arriving to the customer in a precise and opportune way. Conversely, as there are plenty of messages going around, it can be troublesome for a business to reach out to its intended interest group at the right time. Hence, it is required that the company carefully analysis its target audience and communicate the value of their product or service by applying the appropriate marketing techniques, timely. This essay will in depth discuss about the marketing strategies adopted by the pioneer energy drink brand ‘Red Bull’ and how over the years it has been able to maintain the strong brand reputation it has today, alongside some suggestions for the company to enhance them. 2. Brand Overview:

Motivated by functional beverages from the Far East Asia, Dietrich Mateschitz established Red Bull GmhB in the mid 1980 's. The product itself is likewise named Red Bull and is a caffeinated drink that “Vitalizes Body and Mind” (Red Bull, 2013) utilizing experimentally demonstrated fixings to impel the drinks desired impact. He made the equation of Red Bull Energy Drink and created the extraordinary marketing idea of Red Bull. In 1987, on April 1, Red Bull Energy Drink was sold for

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