The Marshal Mathers LP-Eminem Narrative Essay

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Narrative Essay
Criminal- The Marshal Mathers LP- Eminem
Darkness. It has been 11 hours since he’s seen caught a glimpse of sunlight, or any light for that matter. ‘I shouldn’t be here’ he mutters to himself quietly. Lloyd Mathews begins to retrace his steps, recreating every choice that he made which landed him in this situation.
Its 6 O’clock on Friday evening, downtown Detroit was busy as always. But not the type of busy that one would expect from an Upper Class American city, there was no traffic or people rushing home from work. No, Detroit has a different kind of busy around this time, gang members, prostitutes and drug dealers all reared their ugly heads to occupy their turf. Lloyd sits down on the porch outside his apartment building and observes the hustle and bustle of the people in his neighbourhood. He sits on the second step, as always, the cold concrete sends a shiver down his spine.
Sitting outside had become a routine procedure, his mother had never given him a set of keys. Odds are that she was probably
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‘Maybe they would share some with us, you know, without us asking permission’ boomed Reggie, the plump short kid with half a chocolate bar still in his mouth. ‘What do you suggest Reggie?’ questioned Lloyd. ‘Okay, while the family is occupied with all the off-loading Lloyd sneaks in through back door and hides in the house until midnight. Lloyd, you open for us when we call you and we take a few things. You can get the biggest cut for taking all the risk, deal? Lloyd Looked down at his half eaten sandwich, he would enjoy a proper meal tomorrow, ‘deal’. Hesitantly, Lloyd stands up and makes his way over to their back garden, an easy enough task seeing as all the gardens in the neighbourhood were interconnected. The back door was
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