The Marshmallow Test: Good Or Bad?

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The marshmallow test is a test for kids that are about 4 to 5 years old.The test is to see if the kids don 't eat the marshmallow.There put into a room for 15 minutes with the marshmallow in front of them.If they do not eat the marshmallow to get another one,but if they eat the marshmallow the kid fails. About 15 years later the kids that did not eat it were successful and they had good grades but the kids who ate it,were not so successful and got bad grades.Walther Mitchell has researched this for about 50 years.He believes that if you ate the marshmallow you still can be successful and learn to have self control.Walther said that it is like Adam and Eve when they ate the apple and your not post to eat the apple,and that apple is the marshmallow.Joachim

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