The Martian Analysis

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Andy Weir definitely made The Martian one of the most suspenseful and funny books of its time. There are not many characters incorporated into this book, but the main focus is on Mark Watney. The predicament that Mark gets into is that he gets stuck on Mars. The Martian is about Mark trying to get back to Earth and the people at NASA. The key things that strike the reader in The Martian are the great use of suspense and humor. Andy Weir also has an interesting backstory before he started writing The Martian.
Andy Weir, the author of The Martian, is a very interesting person to research and is also a huge space nerd. “After briefly studying computer science at the University of California-Davis, he published his early literary work on
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“I had a terrible time at Blizzard. The mid-1990s was a rough time to be a game programmer. The work hours were insane. If you were awake, you were at work. I burned out.” (The Author 1). Andy Weir is also quite the space enthusiast and author. “He is also a lifelong space nerd and a devoted hobbyist of subjects like relativistic physics, orbital mechanics, and the history of manned spaceflight.” (Andy Weir 1). Conclusion Sentence (relates back to topic of paragraph): Andy Weir used his hobby to become an author and make what he was interested in into a book. One great aspect of The Martian is the element of suspense.There are a lot of suspenseful but humorous quotes from this book. “I’m pretty much screwed. That’s my considered opinion. Screwed. Six days into what should be the greatest two months of my life, and it’s turned into a nightmare. ” (Weir 1). Here, Mark is complaining that he is going to die on Mars very soon. On Mars…show more content…
I’m nostalgic for the hab. How messed up is that? I have crappy seventies TV to watch, and a bunch of Poirot novels to read.” (Weir 79). This is when Mark is going on a long journey in a cramped rover, and he misses the open space of the hab. Mark makes many movie references during the progress of The Martian to add comedic effect. “A minor dust storm dropped by for an hour and covered the solar collectors with crap. So I had to suit up again and do another EVA [Extravehicular activity]. I was in a crappy mood the whole time. Sweeping off a huge field of solar cells is boring and physically demanding. But once the job was done, I came back to my Little Hab on the Prairie.”(Weir 26). Mark is now annoyed that a dust storm passed because he has to clean all 75 solar panels that power the hab. He also makes a house on the prairie reference. Conclusion Sentence (relates back to topic of paragraph): Weir makes this book and the main character, Mark Watney, very humorous and
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