The Martian Analysis: We Got Whacked By 175km

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The Martian Analysis ISU Journal 1 For this first section the author successfully uses many literary devise to enhance the reader’s experience. Many of these included metaphors, rhetorical questions and imagery. By using these devices the story seemed more enjoyable and personal. At one part when the author is describing the dust storm, one of the characters state that “We got whacked by 175km/h” (4). This quote is both a metaphor and an idiomatic expression because they didn’t literally get whacked by wind. By expressing that the wind whacked them the reader can take away that the wind was very strong. I find that one of the major themes so far in this novel is the isolation of Mark. He was left on a planet to survive on his own. This shows that life knocked him into a situation and now he is isolated and need to figure out a way to survive and adapt. A very important quote is when Mark says “I don’t even know who’ll read this. I guess someone will find it eventually. Maybe a hundred years from now”. Isolation and hopelessness Mark doesn’t think anyone will even realize that he survived he feels isolated from everything especially his crew. He 's more scared of being forgotten because he knows that his crew tried their very best to save him. Although this quote sounds really sad it also has a very optimistic and humorous twist to it. ISU Journal 2 Analysis Quotation Explanation Character development “Half the people who studied botany were hippies [...] I didn 't like

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