The Martian Analysis ': Character Analysis From The Dust Storm'

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The Martian Analysis
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For this first section the author successfully uses many literary devise to enhance the reader’s experience. Many of these included metaphors, rhetorical questions and imagery. By using these devices the story seemed more enjoyable and personal. At one part when the author is describing the dust storm, one of the characters state that “We got whacked by 175km/h” (4). This quote is both a metaphor and an idiomatic expression because they didn’t literally get whacked by wind. By expressing that the wind whacked them the reader can take away that the wind was very strong.
I find that one of the major themes so far in this novel is the isolation of Mark. He was left on a planet to survive on his own. This shows that life knocked him into a situation and now he is isolated and need to figure out a way to survive and adapt. A
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This quote show that Mark can control his fears. He shows that instead of letting his emotions guide his actions he uses logic, he realizes that he 's stuck on this planet and now he needs to survive. This shows character development because this character is realizing that he is on his own and needs to use his own brain to survive.

Analysis Quotation Explanation
Setting “This sort of farming [...] would turn their land into a dust bowl within twelve years. It 's not sustainable. But who cares? I just need to survive for four years. (3.17)” So far, in this novel I can tell that this takes place on Mars is happening present day. In Marks perspective he is stranded on this planet with no help. The author described the planet as a dust bowl which enhances the reader’s experience of the atmosphere and situation. Another literary device that the author uses is a rhetorical question. Mark asked “But who cares?” then after answers his own question “I just need to survive for four years”.

All these examples show the effectiveness of the author uses of literary devices.

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