The Martian Reaction

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The Martian
Us as teenagers may at the first look at the movie The Martian and think its science related. The Martian is about these five astronauts that go to Mars, after they are there for a while a huge storm happened. An antenna goes through one of the members Mark and he died. At least that's what they thought. The rest of the members leave Mars. Mark (who is a astronaut and a botanist) has to try to survive, he doesn't know how long he'll be on Mars or if he'll ever get back to Earth. You might also think that it's just another space movie that's boring and confusing. Well that's completely wrong. The Martian is anything but boring or confusing. It is nothing what you would expect. At first I didn't want to watch it, but after I did I
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Many problems occur that Mark cannot afford to happen. He uses his rover to drive to other spaces on Mars and finds something interesting. After some time has passed a huge storm develops and rips off the opening to his potato plants and they all freeze and die. He has to replant all of them and put a tarp over the giant hole in the Space Hab. Then in order for him to try to get in contact with anyone he tries to calculate where Ares 4 is going to be and when they're going to be there. Finally NASA notices that there is movement on Mars and Mark is alive. Once again another storm happened and it breaks his whole Space Hab and he has to live out of his Rover. While Mark finds a camera and NASA has the same replica as he does and they connect with him. The only thing is, the camera can only move and point. Therefore Mark can only ask yes or no questions, but he finds a way to do more then that. He sets up posters and writes the hexadecimal system on them and NASA does the same so they can figure out what he is saying. They communicate and try to get him home. Right as Mark is starting to feel relieved two things happen. One he gets part he gets a hole in his helmet and he fixes it by using duck tape. Second the top of his spacecraft breaks off. So for him to get home he uses the same thing he did to cover the potato crop opening. A tarp. Now the tarp isn't going to do that much when he's launching off of Mars thousands of miles per minute is it. Unlike the rest of the space movies out there the astronauts were never in this difficult situations, as Mark had to be. All in all The Martian is such a great pick if you are looking for something different and fun. There are so many more exciting twists throughout the movie. It is very funny and entertaining to

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