The Martian Myalgia Analysis

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Humor Defeats Distant Martian Myalgia
Mark Watney, a man created by Andy Weir, in the book The Martian, after an unexpected sand storm, Ares 3 is forced to abandon post and return to mother earth. While they rushed to the ship to retreat from the blinding hell storm, Mark Watney is hit and killed by one of their own satellite dishes, little be known unto his fleeing crew, the satellite only left him unconscious. He later wakes to an abandoned post to find that he is the only man on mars. After coming to the realization of his situation, Mark Watney’s primary reaction to the situation was one of humor, which may have ultimately saved his life.
Speaking of saving his life, the first observation Watney makes is his food and lack thereof. Thankfully or luckily the man from the Ares 3 crew that just so happened to be left behind is a botanist! Through technical scientific implementations, Watney is able to create an environment on mars, which can sustain plant life. He humorously remarked on his situation by stating, “My asshole is doing as much work to keep me alive as my brain.” (Weir. p %5) After he was able to bring hope to his digestion, he now needed to find a way to contact earth.
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Ha-ha, okay all jokes aside, mark Watney's circumstances are not like those with end stage renal failure and vice versa, but he was faced with a life threatening situation. Over and over he was faced with a trial that would seem insurmountable, but Mark Watney mounts them with humor! The Norwegian University of science and technology confirms this through their study of the 41, end stage renal failure patients that Mark Watney couldn’t have perceived his trials in any preferable way. His optimistic humor was and is the optimal way to face life-threatening

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