The Mask You Live In Essay

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Nhat Nguyen Professor Carter ENGWR 302 11/08/2016 Extra Credit The Mask You Live In I have seen “The Mask You Live In” documentary by director Jennifer Seibel Newsom. After I watched this movie, I can answer for all these questions: what does it mean to become a real man? Can boys cry? And do all fathers on the world can share their emotions to other people? Through the movie, I can image how boys and young men struggle to live with their true-life in American controversial of being a real man. The Mask You Live In, show all the pressure from the media, their friends, and the grown people’s life. All the boys and man faced with some messages provide them to hide their real emotions, built up the idea that women are only for sexual conquest instead viewing women are friends, and allow men to communicate anger with other by violence. All the controversial about gender associate with race, class, their situation, creating a confusing of problems all men and boy must to be a man.…show more content…
The film is about socialization for boys, and the movie is in arrangement with deeply reasoning and persuasiveness. It does also a good job of capturing when the problems are not in the rails. For example: the professional noted that a little boy is so excited to make friend with other people around while a sixth-grade boy is gradually stop talking, participation, and become quiet. The main problem of the movie is analyzed through the aspects of experts’ future discussions which are not really clear about how masculinity over to the race and the class. Besides, the film also mentions to sexuality and masculinity are basically related, but the problem of oppressive is dismissed. Therefore, the result for this movie about being a real man for all boys is too general for audiences. But it is really good connection to popular issues such as offensive, and
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