How Does Edgar Allan Poe Create Change In Literature

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Symbolism is the mere thought that a person or inanimate object can represent a larger idea or emotion. For example, if on is given the image of a bear; such things come to mind like bravery, courage, and ruggedness. Some may even think about either the state of California or the U.S.S.R in World War II. This is one of the few aspects in literature, that allows it to be interpreted in many different ways. In similar ways, authors use this tool as an indirect way of communication to the reader. It causes a change in the comprehension by the viewer. The audience is able to have a virtual look inside the plot of the story and truly grasp the full effect of the situation. They begin to pursue the story more and more as they read. An author that loves to utilize this technique is the American poet, Edgar Allen Poe; in his works. It is very apparent in his writings to create tension, suspense, or a dramatic change of atmosphere. He creates a lasting impression on those are that are fans of his passages. The best example or evidence of Poe using this device is in his work titled, The Mask of…show more content…
Edgar Allen Poe mentions that while the Prince’s guest arrive to the castle, there will seven rooms to serve as the main venue for the event. Poe describes that each chamber is decorated with a different color. As the story progresses and develops, the mysterious figure walks toward the room that is black with red windows. He then attacks any living person or thing that approaches. After he slowly kills the guest one by one until all have been stricken with disease. These rooms each represent the many stages of life. they begin with birth and end with death, which as a fitting color of black and red. The deep red color on the windows symbolizes the blood lost when people pass away. The creepy figure represented, in a literal sense, the Red Death that could not be
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