The Mass Exermination Of The Jews And The Holocaust

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The Holocaust have many individuals that believe what the Nazi did to the Jews was blown out of proportion. These groups of people state that the Nazis did not kill as many as the six million Jews that were reported murdered by the Nazi party, that the ovens the party used to kill Jews did not exist at all or were used for different purposes or that the film used after the war depicting the war crimes by the party was actually manipulated by the Allies against the Nazi party as propaganda. However, the Nazis did actually kill over six million Jews and the ovens in fact were used to exterminate the Jews while at these camps and due to the horrific reality of the situation, people are made to believe that this mass extermination of a ethnic group did not exist. When the war ended, the Allies came up with a estimate amount of Jews that died during the war in these extermination camps set up by the Nazis. That number came to be around six million Jews, political prisoners, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and homosexuals. According to holocaust deniers,(Gilbert1981) they state that the five to six million Jews reported by the Allies is actually exaggerated and that many Jews who emigrated from other parts of the world like Russia, Britain, United States etc.(Gilbert1981) are included in the estimated death toll when they really shouldn’t be. According to (Fischel1998) their theory has been debunked because Holocaust deniers refuse to accept the thousands of pages of evidence about the

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