The Mass Media In The Socialization Process

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Discuss the role of the family, peer groups, The Mass Media and the school in the socialization Process

Socialisation refers to the way in which we absorb the rules of behaviours which are common in our society. The process of socialisation involves learning the language, values, rules and knowledge of the culture into which we are born (2009, pg 12). ‘Every society has individuals, groups, organisations and institutions that provide substantial amounts of socialisation during the life course these are called agents of socialisation’(2009,pg 13). The family, peer groups, The Mass Media and the school have a significant role in the socialisation process.
The family has a great impact on an individual, from the minute they are born a baby is
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From newspapers and magazines to television and Facebook everything has a great influence on our lives nowadays. Television has a great socialization effect on a child, it isn’t an interactive component but it greatly enhances the development of a child from a young age. ‘Because the media are so pervasive many observers worry that both children and adults will be socialised into a world that does not exist’ (2009, pg 15) this quote gives me the idea that by watching television it paints a very different picture to what life is really like. Children watch on average 3-4 hours of television per day which reduces the amount of time they spend interacting with others and this affects their social skills. ‘television consumes as much of children’s time as interacting with parents’ (Macionis and Plummer, 2009 pg 15) this shows the major role the mass media plays in our everyday lives. The media can also have a negative impact on our lives as it is peppered with articles about celebrity diets and glamour which could result in people of every age group feeling self-conscious. Young people will do anything to fit in with society and the media paints what is supposed to be the ‘ideal image’ which has a negative influence on youngsters. The mass media can open the minds of a young person as it helps there to be more diversity and to learn about new ways of life that we didn’t know existed. I strongly believe that the role of mass media plays just as important role as the family, peer groups and

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