The Mass Media's Influence Of Social Media

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r 1 Introduction The media, ever since it was created, has achieved breakthrough over the past decades. In this modern day, we now have a wide variety of media ranging from newspaper to radio and television to social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). People rely on these medias a lot, using it as a source of both information and entertainment proving once again that we are indeed living in the 21st century wherein media plays an important role in our daily life. The media also serves as the foundation of knowledge about social issues and have significant influence on our attitude towards the problems. Every day there are several events broadcasted and televised on television and radio. We cannot deny that the mass media have a great contribution in shaping our ways of thinking. It is obvious that the mass media also play an important role in our attitude to life. At the bus or even the subways, you may see people reading a newspaper or holding their smartphones posting to their social media accounts their photos and thoughts.It seems impossible for them to exist without using these types of medias even for a day. Media has indeed influenced the way we think and the way we live whether for better or for worse.

No matter how many benefits media brings to us,one cannot deny that it also affects us negatively most especially the children. Nowadays, images and videos exposed in media have become more and more distressing and alarming. Children, even in

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