The Master Taior And The Teacher's Skirt Analysis

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Roy Heath is a renowned author with many of works produced and sent forth into the world, one of which being, “The Master Tailor and the Teacher’s Skirt.” This particular work is well developed in sentence structure and possesses an intellectually stimulating plot. It however, lacks individuality and artistry within the stories content. The characters and writing style provide readers with the opportunity to delve into deeper meanings rather than receive a riveting writing style that excites the readers imagination. Thus, “The Master Tailor and the Teacher’s Skirt, displays a grasp on intellectually stimulating writing rather than imaginative.
The characters in, “Master Tailor and the Teacher’s Skirt” are well developed in all respects of the story. The audience is made aware of the teacher being a timid woman and
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Writing with artistry is when the word are strung together in such a manner, the readers imagination is captured and then creates a series of mental images. If the reader can feel, taste, or see the story, the writer has captured their imagination. Thus giving them an artistic story. “The Master tailor and the Teacher’s Skirt,” lacks this quality. For instance Heath neglects to use vivid description to paint a scene in the reader 's mind. For instance Heath writes, “One morning, during the August holidays, while on her way to Supply to visit another married sister, her attention was drawn to a woman about thirty who had just got out of a taxi (138).” This would promote the use of imagination if it were written like: “One early morning, during the hot August holidays while traveling to Supply for an exciting encounter with another married sister, Her attention was drawn to a young confident woman about thirty gracefully exiting a vibrant yellow taxi.” The extra details provide the imagination with tools to create a setting in the author 's
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