Procrastination In Roy Heath's Short Stories

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Roy Heath was an author that was born in the Caribbean Island of Guyana, but lived in the United Kingdom most of his life. He has written many short stories and novels over his career, one that deserves reasonable notice due to its' underlying themes and symbolic presences is, "The Master Tailor and the Teacher's Skirt." It is a short story about a teacher that wants to get a skirt made by a tailor who procrastinates the making of the skirt dramatically. The main theme found throughout this story is the essence of time, or procrastination, affects people in various ways. Time plays a much deeper role in this story than it would seem on the surface. There are many instances where time relays certain messages and gives hints for intellectual assertions to be made. For…show more content…
This is not like waiting a few extra days to start a paper, the procrastination shown in this story is on an immensely greater scale. The teacher has put her boyfriend that is trying to marry her off for nine years. The tailor almost makes the teacher wait an entire year just to have a skirt made. Evidence that it was almost a year appears throughout the text. The initial starting time of when this is taking place is found when the text states, "One morning, during the August holidays…" (138). It continues to say she went into the tailor store the very next day, making it still in August. Later in the story, when the teacher is on her last visit to the tailor store the text states, "The day in July duly arrived" (145). This is proof that the tailor made the teacher wait almost an entire year to have the skirt made from the time she brought him the cloth, to the time she took the cloth back. This insanely long period of time is chosen by the author to make the procrastination seem more intense. This is done to relay the message of procrastination being wrong on a much greater

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