The Matrix Allegory

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The Matrix was a sci-fi action film that came out in 1999. It was sensational, not just for its (then) state of the state of the art special effects or fight choreography, but for the reality-bending questions—and struggles—of its characters. The Matrix told a the story of a person (Neal Anderson) who realized a startling truth; that they were living inside a virtual reality; that all life as they had known it was an appearance. More startling was to realize they were enslaved by programs, machines, artificially intelligent life forms that humans depended on for surivival (and so much so, that humans gave machines a mind and life of their own, above their human makers). ===============================================
The Matrix" basically
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The Matrix was, like the Allegory, a story that questioned how we perceived reality, and how we distinguish reality from perception. And, just like Plato’s allegory of the Den—where prisoners raised in a cave seeing only shadows on cave walls their whole life thought those shadows were real figures, not representations, and an outsider who saw this would be seen as crazy by those trapped in the cave of shadows they call reality--The Matrix gives us some insight into what it might be like for someone to leave an isolated, controlled reality, and enter into a new one. And it especially gives us some insight into what may happen if one tries to return to that controlled reality to tell others who have never left before, not simply by human beings trapped in that prison reality, but the people who depend on its…show more content…
It is a story (or, rather, it has a story in its sea of content), portraying the intimate relationship between the world as we know it and the world that we don’t; where knowledge of what we don’t know about the world can ultimately give us the power to change it, or set ourselves free from the clutches of those who try to control what we do know as ‘the real world’, and thus, what we can or cannot change about
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