Music Analysis: The Matrix

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The Matrix is a sci-fi action film, it reflected the world in a bad relation between human and robotic. The main character Neo save the world, and fight with robot. The Matrix is a personal heroism Hollywood movie, it showed the unique characteristics of the music and a good interpretation of the film. The film soundtrack penetrated the suspense style incisively and vividly, especially network technology, the variety of electronic music, advanced film characters’ style which all are quite fit, sometimes people cannot figure the true or false, the actual situation and network is often closely interwoven. The fierce industrial metal music makes people to be feared, under the rule of the brutal machinery world, while those filled with death of…show more content…
These all brought a lot of new to the audiences, it is a big different part with other Hollywood films. Due to the focus of instrumental music in the sound performance, like people can hear a lot of tiny knock sound. sometimes it is loud either quiet, there are rich in music language in the Matrix, but the Matrix did not have a specific or high melody theme, and therefore it is not easy for the general music fans to accept the differences. But if we only listen the theme several times, we can find the similar sound effect from these music, like the main Character Neo, there is a main theme when he shows up, sometimes it is different, mostly it is same music. Thus, the film makes extensive use of modern music techniques in the language of music, have such as a luxuriant sound compact sound experiments in the science fiction movie, in order to set a unique style. It can be said the film start with a new style in this field. The orchestral tone is not only broad complex, the sound effects have great boldness, and the music start with strongly compact speed and explosive force, so that both the exciting science fiction music movie and action film music is full of these black colors. The whole film music development based overture describing the action and suspense, gradually the variations become the later tracks in the strange sound. The strong various percussion instruments burst out of the high energy music and bizarre sound effects, the transmission of a peculiar type of future science and technology hallucinations. In addition, the use of the color is also very vocal. Full of contrast and conflict of disharmony in the steel vocals and vast, the song in the film with the volume and boldness of vision, have produced strong impact. On the other

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