Christianity In The Matrix Films

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The Matrix was released in 1999 and inferred a parallel between Neo and Christ, as both of them are resurrected. Throughout the Matrix trilogy, Neo is referred as the One, the chosen one, that also describes Christ, actually, a messiah, who was sent in order to deliver salvation. To add, the Matrix films can be claimed as an allegory for the Christian faith and Neo is a representation of a modern-day Jesus. This religious idea is only one of the many potential readings of symbolism and references in the Matrix trilogy. What is more, The Matrix films are exceptional not just for their references to Christianity, but for the breadth and depth of the religious references. Although overall and often rigorous, none of the present religious…show more content…
For instance, Gnostics consider that only they truly understand the message of Christ and that they alone are enlightened. Their name originates from the Greek word gnosis that means knowledge. Knowledge for Gnostics is the exact foundation for spirituality. Knowledge and the endless search for knowledge in contrast to blind faith free individuals and encourage them to liberate from their original state of bondage to the world. Actually, some early Gnostic sects revered the mythical snake for bringing knowledge to Adam and Eve and enabling them to become human in full. Neo becomes a liberator by beginning to understand himself. He finds faith in himself, not in an all-powerful, incognizable God. “Know Thyself,” says the Oracle’s mantelpiece, and, eventually, Neo does. Furthermore, the Gnostics believe that a few selected people have remnants of the Creator God 's divine virgin daughter within their bodies. Also, they believe that by acquiring knowledge about one’s inner self, and one’s spiritual essence one may show these divine sparks of original spirit. Neo, at the end of The Matrix, actually appears to glow, making his image being connected with both the Gnostic theology and Christian resurrection story. To conclude, knowledge of the…show more content…
In fact, Samsara refers to renewable worlds that develop, increase, collapse, are annihilated, and eventually are replaced by other worlds. For some Buddhists, the main goal is to break free from this cyclical model of destruction and endless pain, that they believe is reasonable. Many of the rescued individuals choose the Buddhist state of karma to accept. That implies that whatever state they are in, it is solely the result of their own actions. Their state is self-created, and this concept indicates the value of choice. Moreover, karma allows humans to form their next life. To be clear, if they choose doings that are righteous in this world, they will be more pleased now and ultimately in their next life. However, if they choose immoral actions, they eventually receive what they deserve. The Four Noble Truths of Buddha 's teachings imply that life is suffering. This is basically the idea that The Matrix supports. Practicing Buddhists of all sects are thorough meditators, practicing their belief by disciplining their minds. In the films, Morpheus teaches Neo with the certain programs in order to exempt his mind and realize his inner potential based on releasing himself from laws. The training itself is not aimed to teach unique skills as these skills can be downloaded easily. It is intended to liberate Neo from the bondage of laws and to free him

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