The Matrix: Gnosticism And Christ And Christian Christianity And Christianity

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The Matrix was released in 1999 and inferred a parallel between Neo and Christ, as both of them are resurrected. Throughout the Matrix trilogy, Neo is referred as the One, the chosen one, that also describes Christ, actually, a messiah, who was sent in order to deliver salvation. To add, the Matrix films can be claimed as an allegory for the Christian faith and Neo is a representation of a modern-day Jesus. This religious idea is only one of the many potential readings of symbolism and references in the Matrix trilogy. What is more, The Matrix films are exceptional not just for their references to Christianity, but for the breadth and depth of the religious references. Although overall and often rigorous, none of the present religious references form a cohesive allegory as many of them arise and disappear swiftly. The Matrix trilogy is related not only to Christianity and two of the more specific spiritual frameworks the Matrix films commonly comprise are Gnosticism and Buddhism. To start with, the Gnostics were originally a branch of the Christian church, and it can be seen in what way their primary beliefs vary from the beliefs of Christians through the allegories presented in The Matrix and The Matrix Reloaded. For instance, Gnostics consider that only they truly understand the message of Christ and that they alone are enlightened. Their name originates from the Greek word gnosis that means knowledge. Knowledge for Gnostics is the exact foundation for spirituality.

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