The Matrix Reflection

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The Matrix was one of my most favorite movies when I was a kid, mainly because of the actions and explosions involved in it. Moreover, the film has been one of the greatest science fiction films of all time. But the movie isn’t all about action scenes and explosions, it does have meaning to it. The main plot was about learning about the truth of the Matrix. The main protagonist, Neo, believed that something isn’t right with the world. He was baffled by repeated online meetings with the confusing phrase “The Matrix”, so him and his companions (Morpheus, Trinity, and Cypher) seeks to find the truth about the Matrix and lead a huge riot of humans, who were captured by slavery, against the machines. In this report, I will be talking about the truth…show more content…
Because of the arrival of Neo (the main protagonist), his fantasies towards the love of his life has been completely crushed. I believe that he intensely trust’s that the matrix can remove his harsh and painful memories in real life, considering that he’s had an agonizing past too. He wants to be seen as someone exceptional in the matrix, someone with fame and fortune, such as a hero or an actor. Once he’s in the matrix, there’s no going back to the real world because he chooses to stay in there for good and avoid his past in reality. So therefore, not only he wants to be inside the matrix for good, he does want to return to a state of being happy, or in other words, “blissful ignorance”, and hence the reason why he said “Ignorance is bliss”. He is the kind of person who believes that pleasures such as money, fame, receiving attention or wants to be worshipped is his essential key to happiness. A hedonist, you can call him. In order to achieve happiness, you have to set your state of mind and should also contemplate if life is going to go well during the pursuit of your happiness. Cypher knows that his morality is all about producing good consequences to himself and he doesn’t care about his intentions (Utilitarianism) and believes his human happiness as the ultimate moral
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