The Matrix Movie Comparison

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The Matrix is a really good movie with many connections to the world and many different themes, but a really big parallel is the biblical aspects of this movie. This movie is not just a sci-fi thriller after watching it i noticed all the components of the bible. One of the more noticeable parallels is neo,morpheus, and trinity. They are the special trio like the father,son, and the holy spirit. Morpheus would be the father because he guides neo in the right direction, neo would be the son because he sacrifices himself for everyone else, and trinity is the power of three, she is the holy spirit because she brings neo back to life.Something that is a really big comparison is the crucifixion and the resurrection. Neo died trying to save everyone in the…show more content…
One of the most obvious person is god. Morpheus is very much so the godly figure, guiding neo to the paths he should take and trusting he will make the right the decisions. Neo and morpheus are very much like god and adam in the beginning of the movie. God walked with adam, teaching him about the garden of eden showing him all the possibilities. When neo wakes up after he had been reborn morpheus gives him a tour of the ship telling him about the reality of the situation. Adam and neo were born as adults in unfamiliar environments having to trust father like figures. God's desire was that humans would choose to be obedient and through their wiliigness follow him. In the matrix many people follow morpheus in what he says or does. Morpheus was being taken by agents and neo was not going to leave him there but morpheus told him to leave and he would be okay, neo trusted him and obeyed what morpheus said. Morpheus could also represent john the baptist in a few ways. Neo was born and morpheus saved him from his prison. Jon baptised jesus when he was born as did morpheus do the same to neo when he was
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