The Maya Civilization: Mexico Central America

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The Maya civilization existed somewhere around 2600B to 1800BC.The Maya Civilizations existed in, Mexico Central America ,Guatemala ,Belize, El Salvador , and the Honduras. Types of buildings the Maya civilization built were temples, pyramids, and ornate palaces. Most famous types of buildings of the Maya were buildings like Sayil, Yacatan. These buildings were built three stories high and made by hand and not machine. Some other types of buildings were the Tikal temple pyramid with prominent roof comb on top of the pyramid. The comb on top of the pyramid represented a king. Another famous building was the Greek Ball court of Chichen itza. This was use for ballgames. The religion of the Maya civilization had some nature, astronomy, and rituals. The Maya also had gods that represented nature, like the sun god kinih, the Maize god, and…show more content…
Maya lived in independent cities and states with ruling communities and had large urban ceremonies centers. The Maya civilization had no armies in their community. But warfare played a big a part in their culture along with power and prestige. And their religion was a big part of their daily life and was a major factor in their civilization. The Maya would practice human sacrifices and raid other camps just to do their ceremonies. The Maya language was written in the logo symbolic. The language was widespread during the period of the Maya. The language is form of a family language. At least 6 million Maya people speak it, and is thought to be spoken 5,000 years ago. The Mayan language is mostly spoken in Guatemala, Central America, Belize, and the Honduras. And the Mayan language has at least six different branches the Huastecan , Quichean, Yucatecan, Qanjobalan, mamean, and the ch’olan-Tzeltalan
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