The Mayan Calendar

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Throughout many years calendars have been changing a lot. THere were many different calendars all over the world. There was the ancient calendars that would use the moon, sun, stars and even planets. Back in the 1582, people lost ten days because of the calendar change. The oldest mayan calendar was the on December 2012. The calendars have been changing throughout many years and who knows they can still change in the future.
Back in the ancient times, the calendars weren’t on paper just like they are now. The ancient people would use the sun, moon, stars and planets. They were called the celestial bodies. The celestial bodies would provide many measures for passages . “ … the Sun, Moon, planets and stars have provided us a reference for measuring the passage of time throughout our existence ( source #1 ).” We don’t really know that much about how timekeeping really work in the prehistoric eras. What we do know is that many people would measure and record the passage of time. “ Ice-age hunters in
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On May 10,2012 Archaeologists in Guatemala discovered a room that has a workshop for scribes and calendar priests that was more than 1,200 years ago. The room and the calendar showed many proclaims that were made for many years. “ The scrawled numbers confirm what experts have been proclaiming for years: the Mayan calendar does not predict that the world will end on December 21, 2012 ( source #2 ).” The room was about 16 square miles in the Guatemala’s Peten rainforest. That little room was home to thousands people. Once-thriving metropolis features the remains of thousands of structures, like buildings up to 115 feet high. The looters’ robbed the site that had many treasure and exposed the previously sheltered many destructive elements. “ Maya painting are incredibly rare, not because the Maya didn’t paint them often but because they rarely preserve in the tropical environment of Guatemala ( source #2
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