The Mayan Civilization: An Ancient Native America

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he Mayan Civilization was an Ancient Native American civilization that grew to be one of the most advanced civilizations in the Americas.The mayans lived in the region that is now eastern and southern Mexico,they built massive stone pyramids, temples, and sculptures.They were very advanced in mathematics and astronomy, which were recorded in hieroglyphs.the five greatest mayan cities are Palenque, Copán, Tikal, Toniná, Yaxchilán, Banampak. The city design consisted of the palace and temples in the center, with the temples in a cross formation.The ancient Maya had over 150 Gods in their complex religion,some of them are Itzamn the most powerful god and Chac, Ah mun and ah puch the god of death.The maize god story symbolizes earth 's growth with
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