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The Maze Runner James Dashner Introduction: The Maze Runner is a book full of adventure that will take you to a ride. The author of The Maze Runner is James Dashner. The book was a three year journey –Dashner. If I had to describe the content in the book in three words then I would say cryptic, pulse-pounding and adventure. The Maze Runner is a fantastic book full of not just emotions but it makes you more and more curious about what lies on the other side. The author said that it was a three year journey. Summary: The book starts in a middle of a situation and the reader isn’t introduced to the past. Thomas wakes up in an elevator with no memory of his past other than the fact that his name is Thomas. When it the elevator doors open, he is pulled into a huge glade by a group of boys, most of them of his own age who also have no memories besides what they should be called. The boys start calling him unusual names like ‘’greenie’’ They all share a strange vocabulary, a fondness for capitalizing words to make them special, and the same mysterious fate. He has no idea where he is and what happened. He is dragged into this new world of limited opportunities and…show more content…
This is important because outside the Glade is the Maze, a terrifying labyrinth of high walls covered in ivy that houses strange, lethal creatures known as Grievers. The members of the Glade are stuck trying to stay alive as well as solving the Maze by running through it as fast as they can while tracking movements of the walls and trying to find an exit. This becomes really hard as the walls of the Maze change every night and then they have to start from the beginning. If they are stuck in the maze at night so when the Maze changes its pattern at night you aren’t left with a lot of choices, you die or get bitten by
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