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The YA genre of film needs to die. Especially the YA dystopia films. The YA era of films is something that we have been plagued with since Twilight. A film based on a book that caught fire with the right target audience...impressionable young girl. Since everyone has tried to find the next YA franchise they can create 2 films and a 2 part final film out of. First, you had The Hunger Games which out of 4 movies only the second one was any good. Then you had the Divergent series, a series so bad that after the third one flopped, the studio gave up on the idea of the last film. Then you have the least popular of the trio, Maze Runner. The first one came out 4 years ago and honestly, I don’t remember if this one had a big buzz around it or not.…show more content…
Especially the 3rd act that just drags…and drags…and drags. Now part of this is my fault because I was misled by the runtime which I was told by Rotten Tomatoes was only 1 hour and 50 minutes…turns out it is actually 2 hours and 25 minutes, so 40 minutes before I ending of this film, I was geared for it to end and it never did. The reason this movie dragged so badly is that they tried to squeeze in an escape plot with a ‘find a cure’ plot, AND a revolution plot all in the same ending. So unless you are really sucked in by the story, you are watching stuff happen in front of you that is hard to follow and harder to care for. The reason I hate these YA franchises is that they are all the same. When you roll out The Hunger Games, Divergent, and Maze Runner. Basically what you get is a group of young people being oppressed by a ruling élite class in a dystopian setting, then the group of young people organized a revolution against the élite, and then it concludes with a full-on revolution against classism (Unless your Divergent of course because you didn’t get to end your series). One way or another it’s all the same thing and that’s exactly why this genre faded out and interest in it is almost non-existent in
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