The Mcgregor-Hill Self Assessment

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The McGraw-Hill Personal Assessment was very useful for me to analyze myself and find out how I function and the status of aspects. The assessment asked questions on various topics. It helped me understand myself and enabled me to identify my qualities. The assessment test findings provided me with understanding about my personality and will be useful for helping me better myself. The scriptures from the Holy Bible is always helpful to find myself. It guides you to answers for questions that arise in everyday life. This paper will discuss the assessment results and how they impact personal behavior and interactions. The paper will also discuss how readings from the Holy Bible and how it can be helpful in understanding yourself.
Part I: What about me The first step of the self-assessment asked
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There are many definitions of values but one definition that stands out to me was, “values as principles, often termed individual or personal values, are guiding principles regarding how individuals out to behave. For example, an individual who values honesty believes that all people ought to be honest, while an individual who values achievement believes that people ought to have many accomplishments that will be socially recognized ”(Parks and Guay, p.676, 2002). The McGregor-Hill assessment did not actually have number ratings for values because in my opinion there is no definitive way to rate them. Everyone has their own unique values with none being the same. The one topic that I thought was important in this section was motivation. I have always been known as the motivated one at my job but I never really thought about why I was so motivated or the way it makes people around me feel. I learned from the assessment that I am very self-motivated person that doesn’t do it for financial reasons of a job; but rather I aim for job security and a flex-schedule that a higher job title would bring with

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