The Mckinley Case Study: The Mckinley Family

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The McKinley case study is a story that involves a wide variety of problems that many families will go through at one point in their lives or another. We all know someone who is going through, or has gone through similar circumstances. “Suffering”, I believe is inevitable, how we relate to our problems really define us and the greatest testament of character is how we take control of those circumstances, whether it is taking immediate action, making different choices or seeking for help. Social workers help us understand our problems at different levels and layers, by using theories that help define human behaviors. According to Hutchinson, Human behavior is multidimensional, and there are many perspectives that help us understand people…show more content…
It’s about constructing meaning regarding all aspects their lives. “People interact with each other and the physical world based on shared meaning”. (Hutchinson, p.52) Personal reflection is a major component in regards to this perspective. The Mckinley family, although they work hard to help each other, they need to define their place in the world in relation to their interactions with each other. “Family” is a very important symbol for the Mckinley’s. Hutchinson talks about the symbolic interaction theory, and as humans interact with each other they attach meanings to symbols in their lives. In the case of the Mckinley family, “Family” is very important to them because it drives their behavior. Bethany, Stanley, Ruth and Marcia hold a strong relationship with each other and even though their external world seems to be falling apart, their sense of self is strong because they provide for their family through love and support. Stanley despite finding work is a great caretaker for his mother. He might see his inability to find work as a weakness, but I am sure that his contribution towards his mother is an absolute strength; having her live with them, taking out a second mortgage and providing comfort. Bethany and Marcia also fit within the example, both women rearrange their schedules and are willing to stop their lives for
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