The Mcmartin Trial

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April Villegas 2/28/2015 Viewing Guide: CJL 3510 - Indictment - The McMartin Trial Prosecutors. 1. The text discusses the prosecutor’s office at work. From the tape, cite some examples of work issues related in the text. In the courtroom is the trial of the infamous McMartin case of child abuse is the District Attorney’s (DA) office. The McMartin family and employees, witnesses, evidence are all processed in the courtroom. The courtroom is backed by many courthouse workers behind the scenes to ensure the process is smooth. The center of the defense case is lawyer Danny Davis, who takes advantage of every opportunity and seen agreeing to defend the McMartin trial in court. The DA failed to give supporting evidence to defense attorney Davis.…show more content…
Heger, he testified that after the medical examination of the children. There was an indication of sexual molestation with most children. The defense disagreed with the results from Dr. Heger’s testimony; the assessment was not from a physical assessment, but from past medical histories and a medical device. In addition, the defense argued that the children were in fact not photographed naked playing games such as, cowboy and Indian, movie star and doing cartwheels because there was no evidence of nude pictures of the children found at the pre-school, or in the homes of the McMartins or employees. In addition, other pre-schools were raided and no evidence was…show more content…
Paul, the evidence from the DA’s office, the doctors, members of the Children's Institute International (CII) and clients. He had to work together with them to defend his case. This was shown when a plea bargain was offered to Ms. MaMartin. 2. How significant was discretion with respect to the defense attorney? The discretion of the case was significant in the regard of the defense, which countered some contradicted evidences. The evidences from the trial and the hearing preliminaries have revealed that the children were coached. The testimony showed lack of credibility on the issues and showing the significance of the discretion on the defense. McMartin told his attorney that he did not do it and his attorney used his discretion and believed him. 3. How did the defense attorney's attitude change as the trial process progressed (cite specific examples)? The defense becomes more confident as evidence that is more bogus was presented from the DA. For example, when he said that the children had not been abused and their thoughts on abuse and the satanic acts had been coached by the therapists. This was a turning point and the charges were

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