The Meaning And Negative Effects Of Procrastination

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7 Sept 2017 Procrastination is all too familiar to most of the people and it has become a widespread phenomenon at all ages of life. In childhood, children will make every effort to put off finishing their homework. When they grow up into adults, they start to delay writing up their thesis, repeatedly declare they will start their diets tomorrow, or postpone until deadlines finishing the tasks. Yet people also sometimes struggle to control their procrastination. But things always go against with what they want. This essay revolves around the definition and the negative effects
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And the phenomenon of procrastination has become universal nowadays. In the investigation conducted online among the crowds (145 participants in total), about 94 percent of the participants said that they have procrastination, and it has become the norm in their daily life such as postponement in study and work. About 98 percent of the participants thought that procrastination have adverse effects on their daily work and lives. It is believed that procrastination will not only obstruct us achieving our goal but also bring us psychological stress and anxiety. For most of the people, procrastination is a mysterious force that stops them from achieving the most urgent and vital tasks in their lives. It 's also a potentially hazardous force, causing victims to fail at school, have a poor performance at work. Besides that, guilt, anxiety, and panic attacks, if the deadline is looming and the impending task is of importance. There may be someone who is dived into feeling of failure, lack of motivation and bad temper. The above adverse effects will cause physical and psychological negativity to us. On account of the negativity, overcoming procrastination is an urgent problem, but before we overcome it, we need to explore the…show more content…
We can do many things on time on most occasions without any procrastination. Therefore, we have to be determined to eliminate it as much as possible. Second, you need to understand how procrastination affects our life and then take corresponding measures such as write down your tasks in a visible place with their due dates so that you are reminded all the time, think about what attracts you to your assignment, reassess your assignment and make it less intimidating, list a possible obstacle for completing assignment and avoid those disturbances deliberately, create a reward system to celebrate successful tasks, develop a flexible schedule that only include important task because rigid one can only leave you feeling overwhelmed, etc. Last but not least, it’s your determination and courage that counts when you are procrastinating. In a word, procrastination has bad impacts on our lives and we should eliminate it as much as

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