The Meaning In A Drawer Full Of Old Family Snapshots Analysis

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Alina Tugend’s article, “The Meaning in a Drawer Full of Old Family Snapshots”, provides a strong point about printed family photos holding sentimental value. It also states that digital photography might be taking the value of old photos away. As the generations change new forms of photography have been developed and there are ways to change photos now making every one unique. This, for some people, this is better than a printed picture. Tugend writes in the article that “Like Professor Saab, I enjoy the convenience of digital photography. But I agree with her that photographs used to be more special”(1). Photographs are an important way to relive moments that have past, and in some ways, holding that moment in their hands makes it more meaningful to people. Digital photos can also damaged or lost more easily than a printed copy. Therefore, to a certain degree a printed picture is better than a digital copy.
According to the article Print out digital photos or risk losing them, Google boss warns by Sarah Knapton , “Mr Cerf said there was a huge problem with the ability to preserve and run software over long periods of time” (1). She states in her article that digital photos should be printed off due to the fact that software updates, over periods of
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The choice between a digital photo and a printed copy is the photographer. The choice is mostly opinion because there are many pros and cons for both ways. However, the printed photo seems to have more significant pros than the digital. That being said, overall the printed photo has far more pros than the digital copy. Some photos are passed down throughout generations; if a family knows where these pictures are, than they can be passed down easier than if the photo is on a database that requires a password to access them. The safety of the printed picture is a piece of mind more people need to have. The sentimental value of the photo is declining throughout generations and is feared to go extinct throughout
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