The Meaning Of Art In The Film Tim's Vermeer

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The Meaning of Art and The Audience Throughout the film “Tim’s Vermeer”, the audience begins to question what the meaning of art is, often being altered by each viewer's perspective. There are many things that contribute to the meaning of art, many having to do solely on the audience. Art and the meaning are determined by our society and each person's input, what the audience considers art. For example the way that Vermeer's work was in watercolor, work like paintings, sculptures and drawings are typically considered art. Although, when the added knowledge of how Tim, and possible Vermeer’, painting was made comes up the audience begins to question if it should still be art. Because the audience determines what is and is not art, the viewer…show more content…
Art can be all things or art can be very little. It all comes down to whether this society and the people inhabiting it believes it is. Most of the time, art is something that appeals to the audience. Although, there are specific things that the audience wants to see when they look for art. There are also many things that the audience wants to know about the work. When the audience realizes that it was so easy for Tim to recreate the painting they begin the turn their heads in wonder. During the film, every bit of what Tim did could be considered a piece of art. His determination is was really allowed the audience to view it as art. On the other hand the fact that he hypothetically copied Vermeer’s process leaves the viewer questioning if it was worthy of the title “art”. Although, if the audience has a different perspective the situation may be different. If it was well known that art was done in the way Tim implies it is done, then there would be no questioning. The fact that this process of using the Camera Obscura is new to the audience leaves many doubts. Everything Tim does throughout the film could also be considered the opposite of art as well, because there is this stigma with art, the audience has a hard time seeing Tim as an artist. The truth is what Tim did was something most viewers have never seen before. Because the viewer believes that the meaning of art contains originality, skill, and imagination the meaning begins to wear…show more content…
When the viewer observes the great detail and realistic colors entwined in the painting, it is seen as a work of art. The work obviously has so much input and time involved, along with the devotion Tim had to the project, it is a wonderful piece. The photographic resemblance leave people in awe. Vermeer was even considered one the the greatest painters because of this. When the idea that tools were used to create this effect, the majestic wonder is almost striped from the oil painting. This is because it leaves viewers feeling like they have been cheated. That the beauty of the piece has been taken away. With Tim’s almost effortless version of “The Music Lesson” the audience begins to hesitate on the dexterity of the painting, and even begin to question Vermeer. The authentic nature of the painting is virtually gone. Leaving the audience feeling that the piece does not qualify as “art”. While the work itself is wonderful and delightfully realistic, the fact that it was so easy for Tim brings the audience to see that it didn't take much skill and or passion. While it was time consuming and Tim was determined the fact that it was not original, or skillful leaves the audience to see that the work does not fall under the category of art. The work lacked meaning. The objects Tim used allowed the audience to see that he was merely recreating something that was already made. Therefore, there was no meaning within

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