The Meaning Of Being Extroverts: No Life In School

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My friends in school think that I am just a normal with no life at all. However, outside of school, I have a whole different kind of personality which is being extroverted. I disagree with my friends in school that I have no life and have not many friends. In my friends’ perspective, being extroverted means being very famous and is the kind of person who stands out from the rest, but for me, it just means that I can relate to other people by having a kind heart and an open mind. The word extrovert came from the Latin word “extro” meaning extra and “vertere” meaning turn. Having said this, the real meaning of the word is if the person has an attitude of being friendly, sociable, and talkative. However, people who are extroverted have a different approach of the meaning. These people think that people should be famous to be extroverted. Those being very famous mean that they have more friends to encounter. Having more friends’ means they have more social life and they feel that they belong with the cool people. This feeling cool person often stands out from everybody else and boasts about themselves if they get awards, and praises.…show more content…
There are many people who are famous in Xavier. These people have many friends in schools such as ICA and Poveda. In some occasions wherein they host parties and soirees, they would only invite the famous people in the batch. There are only rare times wherein they would invite the whole class. In these occasions; they often have a very strong kind of energy of socialization. Through these parties, they meet more and more people, either from their school or other schools. In school, these famous ones often be the ones who leads the class. They say that vote me and I will serve you as your….,
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