The Meaning Of Chivalry In King Arthur's Knights

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Chivalrous Knights
The Discussion of Chivalry in Knights Chivalry is a term that goes back as far as King Arthur, knights were men who were forced to be very chivalrous in order to complete their jobs and keep their higher class. Chivalry means to use the medieval knightly system with religious, moral, and social codes. Although it has lost some of its meaning along the way people now think of chivalry as being a gentleman. Things as little as holding the door open for a girl can be chivalry, I truly believe women want a gentleman so when you are being one you are acting kind of like her knight. Obviously, when you read the tale of King Arthur you receive several messages as to why his knights were very Chivalrous. First of all, in order
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Knights were so loyal to their king and queen that they wouldn’t have any other woman in their lives but their mothers. That means they were allowed no girlfriends, one-night stands or anything else that encouraged poor behavior from someone who is viewed of so highly. Knights back then were to treat all women with respect so they would always put a women’s needs before their own. If a knight were to be seen disrespecting a woman then he would go before the king and the king would give him a punishment proper to what he deserved. A man worthy of being a knight would do anything for his king and queen even if it meant killing himself in the process. A major part in which I see loyalty within a knight in the tales of King Arthur would have to be when he is asked to throw the sword into the river. “Sir Bedivere departed and went to the sword and lightly took it up, and so he went to the water’s side; and there he bound the girdle about the hilts, and threw the sword as far into the water as he might. And there came an arm and an hand above the water and took it and clutched it, and shook it thrice and brandished; and then vanished away the hand with the sword into the water.” ( Bottom of page 192 from Morte D’Arthur) This shows loyalty because he could have easily taken Excalibur and ran away with it but no he decided after a long time of thinking and not wanting to that he needed to do as his…show more content…
This might be one of the most important ones in my opinion because it is easy to be strong physically, but mentally is a whole new story. To be mentally strong you have to be able to act quickly and always do the right thing not just for you but for those around you. Arthur could have saved his own life and not died the day him and his son went to battle against one another but instead he decided to fight for his people and do what no other person probably would have. “ Now, tide me death, tide me life, now I see him yonder alone, he shall never escape mine hands. For at a better avail shall I never have him.” “King got his spear in both his hands and ran toward Sir Mordred, crying and saying, Traitor, now it thy deathday come!” (Middle of page 189 from Morte D’Arthur) He was willing to risk his life in order for the people of Camelot to never have to be worried of Mordred’s return. They could live life to the best of their abilities without worrying of the evil Mordred had within him. Arthur had to kill his own kid which would take a lot of not only physical but mental power. Obviously, when you read the tale of King Arthur you receive several messages as to why his knights were very Chivalrous. When reading this essay you discovered that not only was it grueling to become a knight but was also very satisfying to become one. It took an immense amount of courage to come
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