The Meaning Of Communication: The Importance Of Organizational Communication

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1) INTRODUCTION: Before we look into organizational communication, let’s get the concept of communication right. According to Hybels and Weaver (2001), communication is a process of sharing ideas, information and feelings that involves speech, writing, behavior and body language. In short, communication is whatever reaction that offers meaning to a message. On the other hand, an organization is a social group of people that is well thought-out and managed to meet a need or to achieve collective goals. Consequently, organizational communication is also known as communication in an organization. Many experts have provided a range of views on the meaning of organizational communication but we are going to have a look at the definitions given by Goldhaber (1986) which consist of the following: a) Organizational communication is the communication that occurs in a complex system and is influenced by the environment, internal and external factors. b) Organizational communication is the communication that involves messages and its flow, purpose, direction and media. c) Organizational communication is the communication that involves people, attitude, feeling, relation and the skill they possess. Therefore, the definition of organizational communication can be summarized as the way language is used to create different kinds of social structures, for instance relationships, teams, and networks. In order to establish an ideal organization, organizational
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