The Meaning Of Life In The Miracle Worker By William Gibson

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“I [Annie Sullivan] know the education of this child [Helen Keller] will be the distinguishing event of my life, if I have the brains and perseverance to accomplish it”. Annie Sullivan was at first looked down upon by Helen Keller’s family. Annie was hired as a governess to teach Helen how to communicate and to watch over Helen. Helen’s family would tell Annie that there was no hope in teaching Helen—a blind and deaf child—to properly behave and communicate. Although Annie faced many obstacles while attempting to teach Helen the meaning of language, she was able to triumph over Keller’s handicaps. The non-fiction drama titled The Miracle Worker written by William Gibson depicted the methods that Annie utilized to educate Helen on how to behave and converse with others. The drama expressed that for one to succeed in their endeavors, they must persevere through the hardships. Initially, the theme shown in The Miracle Worker is that one must overcome their obstacles to achieve their goals. This is portrayed by hinting at Annie’s traumatizing past. Even before Annie was sent to a poorhouse for the ill and disabled, her father was incredibly abusive towards her. “Annie” the biography states, “‘You little devil’, her father often shouted, and tried to control her by beatings so severe that, to save her, Annie’s mother would try to hide her little daughter” (Lash 438). From her early childhood, Sullivan faced hardships everyday regarding family life, eventually resulting in her
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