The Meaning Of Life: Susan Wolf And Thomas Nagel

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Human life is relatively essential especially when individuals make their lives productive by finding the real purpose of living. Several scholars and philosopher have attempted to explain the meaning of life, while on the other hand, others have come up with arguments to justify or explain death. Thus, this essay will seek to explain the meaning of life and also attempt to answer the question as to whether death is bad using ideologies from two scholars: Susan Wolf and Thomas Nagel.
Susan Wolf holds two approaches to the meaning of life. Firstly, she suggests that life involves active engagement in activities of positive value. This is also referred to as the fulfillment view of life that encompasses finding activities that give an individual satisfaction. Besides, this opinion on life is subjective in that it focuses on individuals at a personal level. Wolf (3) provides an example of a housewife who performs her wifely duties diligently, such as preparing meals and driving her children to school. Wolf (3) argues that even if she is obliged to perform these tasks, she derives no personal fulfillment from them. She explains that active engagement involves performing activities that make one happy. Wolf (3) also compares life to individuals that spend their entire time watching television and drinking alcohol. She refers to these individuals as Blobs and suggests that their lives are meaningless because the activities they engage in produce no positive value. Besides, Wolf
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