Boys And Girls Analysis

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Everyone knows what love truly is, but cannot define it. The word itself does sound delicate and nerve-wracking. The question of the universe is, what is love?

Not having trust with someone does not clarify the meaning of love. In "Boys and Girls" the protagonist does not trust her mother. Normally, a mother and daughter have a special love for each other but this was different. "I felt that my mother was not to be trusted....She was always plotting. She was plotting now to get me to stay in the house more, although she knew I hated it (because she knew I hated it) and keep me from working for my father." (Munro, 5). This reveals the fact that the protagonist in "Boys and Girls", does not trust her mother. Her mother is always plotting against
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"These are these amazing displays of this bright, chrome yellow and deep purple of New England aster, and they look stunning together. And the two plants so often intermingle rather than living apart from one another" (Kimmerer, 2016) . Kimmerer used the flowers to define love, by combining beauty of two living things, would then attract more happy things. When two are combined, they create a connection, which then leads to love. Connecting is one of the key steps to falling in love. Given these points, the beauty of love between two individuals enchant blessings.

Now, it is time for the true definition of love. Not based on what was said throughout the articles and stories. The dictionary 's definition of love is "an intense feeling of deep affection.".

Considering the evidence above, growing with someone really connects the dots. As the connection with your loved one grows, so does the deeper feeling of affection. "Love is an intense feeling of deep affection.". This supports the fact that the connection in between two people creates a link so powerful, that it creates love, and love is an intense feeling. Growing with someone connects the dots to
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