The Meaning Of The Cons And Consequences Of Euthanasia

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Euthanasia Euthanasia or mercy killing both have the same meaning, which is: stop the patient who won’t recover from torment by using medical tools which are painless. Originally, it’s combining of two Greek words: “Eu” meaning “good”, and “ thanatos” meaning” death”. Simply, it means good death. Euthanasia has been known for a long time. In world war two the German soldiers who got very serious injuries and mostly won’t recover, they let died. Locally, The only three states in United States that legalized euthanasia are Oregon, Washington and Montana states. In 1994, Oregon voters approved the Death with Dignity act (DWDA) by voting of 51%. Since that year physicians are capable to prescribe life-end medication for terminally ill people. According to Life issues Institute the DWDA records show that 455 people have requested lethal drugs from their physician and 292 people have died from using them. The yearly numbers continue to rise, beginning with 16 deaths in 1997, increasing to 38 in 2005, and reaching 46 deaths in 2006 (Enouen). On the other hand, Others State criminalized this action, and the states’ rules consider the people who helped terminally ill people to suicide as criminals, it also for those who help people to commit suicide even if they are their doctors. This case has been a big concern for many people whether if this action should be legalized or not. This research paper will provide a discussion on the advantages and the disadvantages of euthanasia

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