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The Holocaust, what is the Holocaust? Surely you heard about it but do you really know what is it, what does this word mean? Bettelheim wrote an essay telling the true meaning of the Holocaust. He gives a lot of definitions to it but there are two that really stands out to me. The first definition is “burnt offering” and the second is mass murder. Okay now you’re think they’re the same but different words. But you are wrong, in the next paragraphs is going to tell how are they different. Just keep reading and you will see.
Before telling you the meanings of the word Holocaust I’m going to talk about two person that went through it. Bruno Bettelheim and Elie Wiesel was two of many who wrote of their experience in the Nazis concentration camps. They both went through the Holocaust, and wrote essays and books of how their life changed during and after the Holocaust. Wiesel was a young boy,
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In the book Night they talked about fire a lot, of how they burned them alive and that is how the majority of people died. So one of the Holocaust meaning from Bettelheim essay is a mass of murders by fire. And that is why the women from the train use to illusion about the big oven and they made a big scene about it.
Burnt offering means an offering burned as a religious sacrifice. The Natiz thought they were helping the Jews to make a sacrifice by killing all the Jews because they thought it wasn 't right to be a Jewish person. That’s another meaning of the word Holocaust. They use to check their eye color, hair and skin to make sure they did “this sacrifice”.
In Bettelheim’s essay and Elie’s book gave the real meaning of the word Holocaust. It all had to do with killing because of their religious beliefs and how killed with fire. That 's why the Americans put Holocaust to this massacre because each meaning it has fire in

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